Beyond Re-Animator

Directed by
Brian Yuzna
Jeffrey Combs, Tommy Dean Musset, Jason Barry, Elsa Pataky
96 mins
 | 2003
 | Spain
 | English

The last installment in the Re-Animator series will be introduced by director Brian Yuzna and presented in its full glory on 35mm. For the past 13 years, Dr. Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs) has been serving his prison sentence for his role in the death of a teenage girl at the hands of one of his zombies. With what scant supplies he has on hand in the prison medical center, Dr. West has been capable of performing only extremely basic experiments on rats. However, his lack of supplies does not prevent him from uncovering a key element in his re-animation process. When a young doctor named Howard Phillips (Jason Barry) comes to work at the prison, he teams up with West to help him attain the supplies and tools needed to bring his experiments to the next level.

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