A Friend of the Devil

Directed by
Conall Pendergast
Luis Fernandes, Jenny Westoby, Kathleen Werneburg
9 mins
 | 2012
 | Canada
 | English

In the northern wilds of nineteenth century Canada, Jacques, a young woodcutter, longs to win the heart of the beautiful Charity. But when she rebuffs and embarrasses him, he undertakes a desperate journey deep into the fabled Dark Forest, where it is rumored a traveler can make a deal with the Devil. Jacques hopes to make such a deal and in so doing win Charity's fickle heart.The Dark Forest is vast and filled with secrets, however, and Jacques soon finds himself lost in an endless maze of towering trees, surrounded by horrors. Stumbling upon a lone cabin, he enters only to meet a mysterious woman sitting by a crackling fire. In the warmth of the roaring flames she seduces him with the promise of all that he desires: Charity's heart in exchange for something he may never get back.

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