The Girl of the Rift

Regional Premiere
Directed by
Luis Bond
Anabella Giménez, Daniel Martínez, Shayla Richardson, Victor Giménez
20 mins
 | 2021
 | Venezuela
 | Spanish
 w/English subtitles

Anabella decides to spend a weekend with her best friend, Lorena, and her boyfriend, Iván Lobo (Daniel Martinez), in a house on the outskirts of the city. This place belongs to Salvatore, Iván's uncle, who suffers from senile dementia and who is constantly repeating a strange legend about a woman who appears on holy days. Iván and Lorena disdain Salvatore's story, but Anabella is interested in it because since she arrived at the house she has noticed that there is something “strange” that seems to be observing them from afar and that it is getting closer and closer.

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