The Merciless Beauty

Directed by
Michael Groom
Daisy Hughes, Richard Riddell, Samuel Edward-Cook, James Speakman
14 mins
 | 2017
 | United Kingdom
 | English

Johnny is a farmhand in the splendour of the English Lake District: he leads a life of introspection, until the strange appearance of a mysterious beautiful woman. Unsure if she's a figment of his imagination or an actual physical being, Johnny succumbs to obsession. A sensuous, timeless tale of love, infatuation, lust and the all- consuming bittersweet melancholy of suffering and heartache, based on the narrative poem La Belle Dame Sans Merci by John Keats.

Screening at these upcoming events.

Fri, Aug 17 to Sun, Aug 19
RISD Metcalf Auditorium
Providence, RI
Fri, Oct 5 to Sun, Oct 7
Hollywood Theatre
Portland, OR