Young Liars

Directed by
Adam Christy
Brendan McGowan, Alissa Filoramo, Adam Christy
20 mins
 | 2018
 | United States
 | English

Aspiring journalist Avery Stone is invited by his old flame Madison Jones to experience ‘the story of a lifetime’. They meet over a cup of tea at her friend's yoga studio where the big story will be waiting. She's kind and very flirtatious with him. It quickly becomes clear that they both have unfinished business, and Avery’s arrival presents an opportunity to rekindle their lost bond.

Screening at these upcoming events.

Fri, Aug 17 to Sun, Aug 19
RISD Metcalf Auditorium
Providence, RI
Fri, Oct 5 to Sun, Oct 7
Hollywood Theatre
Portland, OR