Chris Bozzone is a soundtrack composer, songwriter and filmmaker. In the fall of 2017, he began working with Jonathan Dennison, the founder of Cadabra Records on his first soundtrack for the label, Thomas Ligotti's "The Bungalow House,'' a vinyl-and-cassette release that came out in 2018. His soundtrack work for Cadabra Records covers a wide array of weird, fantastical and macabre fiction. Bozzone also works with film and concert hall composer Peter Scartabello and his Yuggoth Records label. In October of 2022, Yuggoth Records released Bozzone’s first album for the label, “Phantom Flowers,” as a vinyl record and digitally. Bozzone and Scartabello released their debut collaborative album, “Glimpsing Into Oblivion” under the project name Seer in April of 2023. Singular for his ability to fuse together different musical styles, Bozzone's scores and songs encompass evocative electronic music, arresting folk melodies, classical piano compositions, and boundary-pushing experimental soundscapes.

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