Marko Kattilakoski had been a musician/songwriter for over 20 years, when an old friend confronted him with the question: “Marko, shouldn’t we make films?” The question resulted in the 17th century lovecraftian horror/drama "Forlorn Hope" screened at the HPLFF in Portland 2009. Director/writer/producer Marko Kattilakoski began writing the script for "The Music of John Low" three years ago, involved actors and crew, many of them previously involved in the two award winning films, "Coffee Break" (2012) and "The Terrible Typewriter" (2015).

Music has a central part in this story and all music is original music written for this film and is performed by internationally renowned Gävle Symphony Orchestra. Used to working with very, very small budgets we realized this film would be a challenge and we have pulled every string could find to raise money and find sponsors. Finally, after long and hard work, this twisted noir/horror/drama is finished.

“The Music of John Low is a very personal story that I had to tell, and I am so proud and happy it has been selected for the HPLFF. I am very curios about how it will work on a hardcore lovecraftian audience. Whatever you do, don't stop playing."

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