Vanessa-Tatjana Beerli directed a few short films, including Tv Dinner, nominated for the Canadian Screen Awards in 2005, before founding Ciné Tapis Rouge. The Organization's mission is to promote independent Quebec cinema all around the world. Vanessa works as this date with more than thirty countries and a hundred film festivals. She is also a programmer, producer, editor and a regular member of juries.

In 2022, Vanessa made a return to filmmaking by deciding to adapt the short story “Tubers” by Quebec author Frédéric Raymond. At the same time, Vanessa founded a production company with her colleague Pierre LeBlanc, Mountains of Madness productions. The company specializes in the production of genre films and wishes to develop several international co-productions. Vanessa directed the film Little red hen in the spring of 2023.

Vanessa is currently finishing writing a first feature film and preparing a new short film shooting in next spring.


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