The Book in the House

World Premiere
Directed by
Giovanni Di Nino, Danilo Marabotto
Franco Leo. Lino Burlando
19 mins
 | 2020
 | Italy
 | Italian
 w/English subtitles

A centuries-old forest, an archaic waterfall that could be anywhere and a mature man who, to escape the noise of civilization, look for a space for reflection in inaccessible places. In a house of apparently abandoned stone awaits him - as if he had an appointment - a homo selvaticus which, as readers of the original story recall (The Picture in the House, H. P. Lovecraft, 1920), will mark the most radical emotional turn of his life.

[excerpt from an article in il fatto quotidiano, translated from the original Italian]

This film was begun 35 years ago. In the spring of 1985, after having printed a working copy destined for editing, the production was interrupted and the material shot was lost. It was rediscovered in 2010 and with the help of some friends, a digital copy was made. In 2020, more scenes were shot and the film was finished.

Franco Leo is the extraordinary protagonist of the story, but time - 35 years of it - has become his stunt double, has carved out his face and entered the plot by moving the original script to another level.

The film is a journey through time also for Gianni Di Nino and Danilo Marabotto who wrote the screenplay, direction and photography: with this short they return for a moment to the cinema after a life spent on television. In fact, both began as cinematographers of the Rai headquarters in the Aosta Valley and both shot the first images of the film 35 years ago.

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