US Premiere
Directed by
Stephanie Peters
Mietta Mintzis, Maggie McCormack, Alexei Todd
18 mins
 | 2019
 | Australia
 | English

In the decay in which they live, tiny holes reveal themselves to Edith. They are present in everything from the fruit in the kitchen to the caves at the beach she visits. However, holes are none more present than in the grotesque black pimples that seem to be getting larger in size on Fred’s back and face. No matter what, Edith cannot help herself from popping them. As grow the holes on Fred’s back so too does the mess in the house. The chaos of Fred and Edith’s relationship is exacerbated by the visit of a mean and oppressive matriarchal figure. The situation culminates in a bizarre and disgusting premarital feast, that emulates Peter Greenaway’s ‘The Cook the Thief and Her Lover’.

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