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Tables are $50 for a 6' table. Includes 1 chair and 1 badge. In most cases, we will be limiting artist tables to 1 per company, to accommodate as many artists as possible. If we're able to give you more than 1 table, we'll let you know asap. Note that the area where artists tables will be is not secure. You will need to set up on Saturday morning, break down Saturday night, and re-set Sunday morning.
Pickman's Apprentice is a quick drawing competition. This is meant to be fun, so if you don't perform well under pressure, this may not be for you. If you choose "Yes," we will slot you into the competition which will take place Saturday and Sunday.
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A group signing involves multiple authors in the same room so that readers can buy books, get them signed, meet and chat with you. This also gives you a chance to talk to fans about your work!
This will help us schedule programming. Active convention hours are Sat 4/25 10am-11pm, Sun 4/26 10am-4pm. "N/A" indicates you are available the entire time.