More Eldritch than Eldritch

Panel Discussion
EOD Center
Date and time: 
Saturday, October 5, 2019 -
1:00pm to 2:00pm

Panel discussion with Garrett Cook (moderator), Cody Goodfellow, Evan J. Peterson, Anya Martin, Sarah Walker

As Lovecraftian entities become bobbleheads and Satan becomes a quaint bugbear for the religious right, how does the writer of cosmic horror and horror create predatory cosmologies without creating fan fiction or giving lip service to canon without creating new fears? What place do "elevated horror", Bizarro and literary surrealism have in the future of occult and cosmic horror stories? Panelists will discuss how to create cosmic horror that will continue to awe and frighten in a time where the eldritch has become the familiar.

Garrett Cook is an author with Deadite Press and an editor with Eraserhead Press. His work has appeared in A Breath from the Sky, DOA III, Giallo Fantastique, Best Bizarro Fiction of the Decade and more. His next book Crisis Boy comes out October 15th.

CODY GOODFELLOW has written five novels, and co-wrote three more with New York Times bestselling author John Skipp. His first two collections Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars and All-Monster Action, each received the Wonderland Book Award. His latest, Rapture Of The Deep & Other Lovecraftian Tales, is out now from Hippocampus Press. He wrote, co-produced and scored the short Lovecraftian hygiene film "Stay At Home Dad," which can be viewed on YouTube.

Evan J. Peterson is the author of Drag Star! (Choice of Games), the world’s first drag RPG, as well as The PrEP Diaries: A Safe(r) Sex Memoir (Lethe Press). He is a Clarion West alum and author of the horror poetry chapbooks Skin Job and The Midnight Channel as well as editor of the Lambda Literary finalist Ghosts in Gaslight, Monsters in Steam: Gay City 5. His writing has also appeared in Weird Tales, Unspeakable Horror 2, Queers Destroy Horror, Boing Boing, and Best Gay Stories 2015.

Anya Martin has always rooted for the monster and regrets abandoning her earliest career aspiration--paleontology. She's also half-Finnish, still likes punk rock though now with a heavy side of blues and experimental jazz, has a bachelor's degree in anthropology, cooks dangerously hot curries, earns her living as a journalist and abides in Atlanta.

Sarah Walker is a Portland-based author and glass artist. Her work has appeared in Lovecraft Ezine Press, Audient Void, Test Patterns Anthology, and Ladies and Gentlemen of Fantasy.