H.P. Lovecraft himself attending CthulhuCon PDX!

H.P. Lovecraft in his current brain shell, actor Leeman Kessler

We are pleased to announce that H.P. Lovecraft* himself will be a featured guest at CthulhuCon in April! You'll have the chance to pick his brain during a LIVE edition of Ask Lovecraft (www.asklovecraft.com), and may even have the chance to play a game or two with the man who started it all!

* Mr. Lovecraft will be appearing as his intrepid character, Leeman Kessler, whom he describes as a Nigerian-born actor living in Canada with his wife Rachel and daughter Amanda. Mr. Kessler has been performing as H.P. Lovecraft, since 2010, on stage and online with his web-series Ask Lovecraft. This will be his first time in Portland. You can hear him and his wife on their podcast, "Geekually Yoked."