Panel Discussions now on YouTube!

CthulhuCon PDX 2015 was amazing! The weekend was spent playing games, enjoying Lovecraftian art, film, and music, and, of course, learning stuff through our course of amazing panel discussions on topics ranging from "Lovecraft Gets Hammered" to "The Lost Worlds of H.P. Lovecraft" to "Dracula VS Cthulhu!" We've posted the first of these, "Neo-paganism and Lovecraft" in our YouTube channel today, with more to be posted in the coming days and weeks. Check out the panel playlist below - it's the perfect way to upgrade your Lovecraftian scholarship with our amazing panelists, including Kenneth Hite, Leslie Klinger, S. T. Joshi, Wilum Pugmire, Kevin McTurk, Leeman Kessler, Robin Laws, Adam Scott Glancy, and many more.