Drive-In Lovecraft: an Audio Visual presentation

Saturday, April 12th
1-2 pm
EOD Center Classroom

DRIVE-IN LOVECRAFT. Some of the most fascinating pieces of HPL memorabilia are posters related to movies based on Lovecraft's fiction and themes. Alan Tromp, a lifelong Cthulhu fan, shares bizarre Mythos art from his collection of film art from the 1950s - 80s, encompassing the US, England, Italy, and Thailand. Unusual features such as Hunchback of the Morgue and Legendary Curse of Lemora are covered, as well as films inspired by HPL's tropes, literary mentors, and Weird Tales colleagues. See trailers for Dunwich Horror, Caltiki the Immortal Monster, Haunted Palace, and the forgotten 70s Yog-Sothoth (maybe) flick! Trivia contests and audience participation balance the chills with thrills. Be there, or BEWARE.