Pickman's Apprentice

Pickman's Apprentice
Saturday, April 12th
Noon-2 pm
EOD Center, Main Room

The 3rd Annual Pickman's Apprentice competition pits Lovecraftian artists against each other in an epic race against the clock to create a masterpiece based on the audience's suggestion! Last year was "King In Yellow" and "Sushi Bar," and the previous year was "Shoggoth" and "Circus." What will our intrepid artists be tasked to portray on their artboards this year? Returning challengers Lee Moyer, Nick Gucker, and Liv Rainey-Smith will be competing against our Artist Guest of Honor, Allen K.

The audience will decide a winner, and the original pieces will be sold in silent auction to benefit Children's Summer Film Camps and Animation workshops. 4 art aficionados will go home with a truly one of a kind piece of original art!