Dagon's Wedding Bells

wedding_ws_sm.jpgThis year's H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival features a real live wedding (our fifth)! The Festival has become a true community of friends who eagerly wait out the year to see one another again, and sometimes among such kindred spirits deeper bonds form. Last year saw our friend Mars, maestro of the macabre, make the acquaintance of Victoria Price, daughter of Lovecraft scholar Robert M. Price. This year the two are getting married—right here at center stage! Dr. Price himself will be performing the ceremony, following a Lovecraftian order of service of his own devising.

I wanted it to sound like a real Lovecraftian ritual," Price explains, "yet without being a parody of a wedding service. It is a real wedding service, tailored for these two individuals and drawing upon the language and imagery that are sacred to us as devotees of weird fiction and film. I am quite pleased with the result and wouldn't mind using it again for other couples in the future. The Lovecraft community is not a cult, but it is a family, and it needs its own rites of passage. —Robert M. Price