Alien Raiders Screenwriter to Attend Festival

JuliaFair_me.jpgJulia Fair, screenwriter on Alien Raiders, will be on hand to introduce the film and answer audience questions afterward. Our two screenings of Alien Raiders, which has plot elements reminiscent of the dark conspiracy themes of the Delta Green universe, will also feature comments from Scott Glancy, co-creator of Delta Green. Did Ms Fair intend these parallels or was it merely a "coincidence"? What real-life events inspired both creations? Watch Alien Raiders and join the discussion to find out.

Alien Raiders screens at 7:30 pm Saturday and 10:00 pm Sunday.

Julia started her career working on the most successful independent film of all time, THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. As the “history fabricator” for the “Sticks and Stones” special that aired on the Sci-Fi channel, Julia helped to create the “legend” upon which the Blair Witch was based. From there she wrote/produced one of the first dramatic online webisodic series, THE STRAND (

With the Warner Brothers label, Raw Feed, Julia has quickly become the go-to-writer, penning two of their features: BELIEVERS, which received critical acclaim and the most recent, ALIEN RAIDERS, due on DVD in spring of 2009.

Outside of writing, Julia has been heavily involved in research as well as viral marketing for a variety of science fiction and paranormal movies and TV shows.