Cthulhu (The Movie) to Screen Again This Weekend

CthulhuPoster.jpgMissed Cthulhu at last year's festival? Want to see it again? You have an opportunity this Friday Sept 12 thru Thursday Sept. 18 at Portland's Hollywood Theatre.

When young history professor Russ is called upon by his sister to execute their late mother’s estate, he is reunited with his boyhood chum and with his father, the charismatic leader of a New Age cult. While exploring his memories, Russ wanders into a seaside warehouse where hundreds of names are scrawled on the walls. ...

Looking for answers in the warehouse, Russ is taken on an unbelievable journey through the small town’s ancient subterranean origins. Russ begins to believe that preparations are underway for a mass sacrifice, and engages the attentions of a sexy seductress in order to obtain information. Raped and arrested for murder on the eve of the city’s May Festival, the stakes are raised for Russ – maybe higher than the world has ever known.

Winner of the 2008 Best of Festival Brown Jenkin Award.

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