H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival 4-DVD box set available now!

Have your own H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival® in the comfort of your living room! This box set contains 4 full-length DVDs of Lovecraftian cinema, and includes films from the early days of the fest, all the way up to 2015. Bonus: each filmmakers get a cut for each DVD sold, so you're also directly supporting Independent Lovecraftian film. The slipcase is designed to look like an ancient tome, and holds all four of the most recent DVD Collections: 

  • Best of 2014 short film collection
  • Best of 2015 short film collection
  • Classics Vol. 1 short film collection
  • Classics Vol. 2 short film collection

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Get it NOW on Arkham Bazaar! Enjoy almost 8 hours of short films chosen from audience choice and jury favorites from the past 20 years of the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival.

BEST OF 2014 includes:

  • "Black Sugar" dir. Hank Friedmann - A group of teenagers experiment with a drug that has side effects like no other. 
  • "The Celebrant" dir. Brian Lillie - An actor and a sound engineer wake up something hidden in the waves. 
  • "Dread Sign" dir. Thomas Nicol - This 2014 festival bumper explains a lot about our cult-like audience. 
  • "Eyes in The Dark" dir. Alex White - An explorer searching for truth discovers a secret beyond human comprehension. 
  • "I Am Not Samuel Krohm" dir. Sébastien Chantal - A man struggles with a case of mistaken identity, while dark forces are in pursuit. 
  • "Ikelos Below" dir. Thomas Nicol - A man is beset by troubling nightmares, but is the danger only in his dreams? 
  • "No Turning Back" dir. HPLHS Motion Pictures - A Rock Opera music video adaptation of Lovecraft's "Dreams in The Witch House." 
  • "The Somnaphage" dir. Monsieur Soeur - Dreaming is more than you think. Made in 72 hours for the Lovecraft Under The Gun competition. 
  • "There's An Octopus in Your Head" dir. Ari Grabb - The pancake master looks for meaning in an uncaring universe. 
  • "The Void" dir. Eric Schwartz - Two young girls look for adventure, but bite off more than they can chew. 
  • "Vomica" dir. Andy Green - During WWII, British commandos unearth ancient evil in a crypt in Occupied France. 
  • Trailers for Feed The Light (2014 Best Feature), Exile (2014 Audience Choice), and The Dreamlands.
  • Newly Redesigned cover art

Runtime approximately 120 minutes.

BEST OF 2015 includes:

  • "Pickman's Model" by Pablo Angeles - an art collector discovers the secret behind the work of his favorite macabre painter, Richard Pickman. Based on the Lovecraft story.
  • "Mercy" by Sean Blau - A group of friends find a monster on the beach.
  • "Escape From Midwich Valley" by PH Debiès -A young woman plagued with traumatic memories discovers that her destiny is even more cruel. Based on "the Shadow Over Innsmouth."
  • "The Night Ocean" by Maria Lorenzo - Spanish Artist, Maria Lorenzo Hernàndez, brings to life Barlowe's and Lovecraft's tale using the traditional imagery of Torrevieja scenery as a backdrop.
  • "Dark Watch" by Thomas Nicol - Five starships are carrying the last hope of humanity to a new world, when one goes silent.
  • "Fat Rabbit" by Adam Petke - a couple struggles with ascension into the heavens when the creature they summon is less than expected.
  • "The Call" by Alban Ravassard - A grieving police lieutenant's health declines when his missing wife mysteriously returns, causing him to undergo a strange transformation.
  • "The Statement" by Marc Shahboz - Based on Lovecraft's "The State of Randolph Carter," made on location in the story's setting of Gainesville, Florida, and shot in the Santa Fe College Bat Cave.
  • "Lure" by Monsieur Soeur - A geologist explores his theories at an isolated fishing hole with a strange history. 
  • "August Heat" by Matthew James Thompson - During a heat wave, an artist seeks the source of his inspiration. Based on the uncanny weird tale by WF Harvey.
  • "The Craft" by Ilan Waldman - After a morbid display at the Newberry Street Art Club, Richard PIckman disappears, leaving his wife Sonia haunted by his work. Based on the stories and romantic history of H.P. Lovecraft and his wife, Sonia Greene.
  • "666 Sq Ft" by Ray Zablocki - A tenant spends a sleepless night in a new apartment.

PLUS: 20th Anniversary Highlights, Lovecraftian film Trailers, and hidden extras!

Runtime approximately 130 minutes. 

CLASSICS VOLUME 1 - this volume collects some of the best original films and adaptations from 1996 through 2013.

  • "Call of Nature" - director Rick Tillman
  • "Static Aeons" - director Gib Patterson
  • "From Beyond" - directors Andrew Migliore & Ken Avenoso
  • "The Necronomicon" - director Joseph Nanni
  • "A Short Nap... Ever Elongating" - director The Amelus
  • "Black Goat" - director Joseph Nanni
  • "Derailed" - director Nicolas Simonin
  • "Frank Dancoolo: Paranormal Drug Dealer" - director Andrew Jones
  • "Bedtime for Timmy" - director Thomas Nicol
  • "To Oblivion" - director Robert Cappelletto
  • "Elder Sign" - director Joseph Nanni
  • "The Music of Jo Hyeja" - director Jihyun Park
  • Bonus Materials: Lovecraftian feature film trailers and a Poster Gallery of all the past festival posters we could get our hands on!

Runtime approximately 113 minutes. 

CLASSICS VOLUME 2 - this volume collects some of the best original films and adaptations from 1996 through 2013.

  • "Dagon" - director Richard Corben *
  • "Antiques Roadshow: Arkham" - director Jon Cazares & Joseph Scrimshaw *
  • "Eel Girl" - director Paul Campion
  • "In[B]etween" - director Jose Luis Martinez Diaz
  • "Ethereal Chrysalis" - director Syl Disjonk
  • "From Beyond" - director Michael Granberry
  • "Doctor Glamour" - director Andrew W. Jones
  • "The Shunned House" - director Eric Morgret
  • "The Professor" - director Casey T. Malone
  • "Nyarlathotep" - director Christian Matzke *
  • "hp Apology" - director Thomas Nicol
  • Bonus Materials - Trailer for "The Call of Cthulhu" (2005), "Transcendent" (2012), a selection of photos & past guests from HPLFF history.

* these films underwent extensive restoration and are presented here as they were meant to be seen.
Runtime approximately 113 minutes. 

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All DVDS: NTSC Region 0, progressive.
Audio: English Only
The films contained in this collection are unrated and are intended for mature viewers