H.P. Lovecraft's The Dreamlands on film!

The makers of one of the best Lovecraft adaptations of all time are at it again! This time, they're tackling H.P. Lovecraft's Dream cycle! Check out their IndieGoGo campaign.

It all started with the best ever adaptation of "The Colour Out of Space." Back in Oct 2011 & May 2012 at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland, we showed our audience one of the best Lovecraft adaptations ever made, titled Die Farbe, directed by Huan Vu and produced by Jan Roth, based on Lovecraft's "The Colour Out of Space."

We gave Die Farbe our first "Best Adaptation" award, a new award category we created only for adaptations of Lovecraft's works. Die Farbe is a serious, scary, moody, and very smart adaptation of Lovecraft's "Colour," made on an extremely small budget (but you'd be hard pressed to tell, because the filmmakers really know what they're doing and how to make every dollar work for them). If you haven't seen it, you haven't seen Lovecraftian Cinema at its best. While the filmmakers made some alterations to Lovecraft's story, the changes enhance Lovecraft's themes and make the film more dynamic and sinister. Haven't seen it? Click to get your own DVD from the official festival store at Arkham Bazaar (you can also watch trailers for the film there).

This time, Huan Vu and Jan Roth are tackling the first ever feature film of Lovecraft's Dreamlands! As we've seen with Guillermo Del Toro's At The Mountains of Madness project, studios won't bankroll big budget Lovecraftian films, without serious restrictions on creativity... so these filmmakers are taking it straight to the audience (that's YOU) for financing. You can be a part of the magic, and by contributing even a small amount to their IndieGoGo campaign (IndieGoGo works just like Kickstarter, but unlike Kickstarter, it's available to German projects) you can also help them maintain their vision and make a film that all of us Lovecraftians can be proud of.

The Dreamlands is based on H.P. Lovecraft’s short stories “Celephaïs”, “The White Ship”, “The Strange High House in the Mist” and “The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath” among others. It will build upon the world created by H.P. Lovecraft but also remain faithful to his core concepts of fantastic escapism and cosmic horror. THE DREAMLANDS is a film you are never likely to see produced by the established film industry, which is why supporting this campaign is so important!

The H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival is all about independent Lovecraftian movies! When we have an opportunity like this, a chance to see something completely original, from filmmakers who have already proven themselves by creating an instant classic from one of Lovecraft's stories, we can't let it slip away!

Please help The Dreamlands become a reality and click here support their campaign!