HPLFF 2012 Portland Awards

For those of you that missed the awards ceremony on Sunday night of the festival, here are the results! Each of our new style awards were a cold cast bronze statuette, provided by awesome sculptor Mike Jones, mounted on a black marble block.

  • Best of the Fest (Cthulhu Tiki) - Doctor Glamour (dir. by Andrew Jones)
  • Best Feature (Deep One) - It's In The Blood (dir. by Scooter Downey)
  • Best Short (Deep One) - Dumbshow (dir. by Jason Hooper)
  • Best Adaptation (Cthulhu Tiki) - Die Farbe (dir. by Huan Vu)
  • Pickman's Apprentice (Ghoul) - Nick "The Hat" Gucker
  • Lovecraft Under The Gun winner (Nightgaunt) - Michael Entler

We had so many great films, it was really hard to choose! The runners up for Best Short included Stay At Home Dad (dir. by Andrew Kasch & John Skipp), Fortuna (dir. by Casey T. Malone), The Earth Rejects Him (dir. by Jared Skolnik), and Bedtime for Timmy (dir. by Thomas Nicol).

In addition to film awards, we also had two special awards, one for the winner of the "Pickman's Apprentice" event, where three artists competed to create an image in 90 minutes, based on a theme supplied by the audience, and another award for the winner of the "Lovecraft Under The Gun: 72 hour film project" event, where filmmakers had 3 days to make a Lovecraftian short film from start to finish.