HPLFF-Portland 2012

We will be forming a new steering committee and executive committee for the HPLFF Portland festival in early 2011.

Director Stuart Gordon (Re-animator, Feed, Stuck) and director David Prior (AM 1200) will be on the committee with others to be named.

The current plan is to have the Portland festival in early May of 2012 which pushes out the Portland festival by 6 months from where it has traditionally been held. The plan is also to have the executive committee and positions flushed out by March of 2011.

I am stepping down as festival director as announced at this year's Portland festival but will remain as an executive director and founder for the organization run by Lurker Films.

Would love to hear from you with any feedback. There are a lot of people who want to get involved which is great.

Until then, have a very Dreary Cthulhumas and hopefully a New Year!