PORTLAND, OR - Cthulhu Prayer Breakfast tickets now on sale

Cthulhu Prayer Breakfast with Cody Goodfellow and Rober M. Price

Entry to this event was made available for our Kickstarter backers who pledged $100+, but we said if any seats were left, we'd put them on sale to other attendees, and their are a modest number of tickets left. NOTE: In addition to a Cthulhu Prayer Breakfast ticket, you will also need a festival pass (3-day or single day) to attend the breakfast. Click here for more info and to purchase your tickets. (limit 2 per order).

Cody Goodfellow and Robert M. Price will preside over a morning ritual involving the scalding juice of blackened berries, roasted beasts, and the unborn offspring of flying creatures (as well as a few vegetarian selections) on Saturday morning, May 4th, from 9-11 am at the Columbia River Brewing Company (easy walking distance from the theatre). It's a chance to enjoy some excellent food, laugh your tentacles off, and mingle with our festival guests.