Portland Welcomes 2018 Guest of Honor, Screenwriter and Author Chiaki J. Konaka!

PORTLAND, OR - We are extremely excited to announce that Author and Screenwriter Chiaki J. Konaka will be our 2018 Guest of Honor! With over 200 screenwriting credits, he is best known in the US for Marebito, "Innsmouth Wo Oou Kage," "Ultraman Gaia," and "Mononoke." He is also well known among fans for putting Lovecraftian and Mythos elements in many of his works. As the screenwriter for the 1989 original video movie Psychic Vision: Jaganrei (which means "Evil Spirit"), Konaka penned one of the first films in the "J Horror" movement, influencing Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Takashi Shimizu, and others. His mythos novel Terror Rate, was translated to English in the anthology Inverted Kingdom, edited by Ken Asamatsu. His vampire novella will be translated into English in 2019.

Mr. Konaka will appear at the festival for Q&A and panel discussions throughout the weekend.