Purchase official festival merchandise on-line

Festival merchandise available

Did you miss the festival or miss out on the souvenirs while you were here? T-shirts and both posters are now available for purchase on-line for the 2012 Portland H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival. But wait, there's more! We still have inventory for last September's Los Angeles HPL Film Festival, as well as various items going back as far as 2004, with Lovecraftian art from artists like Lee Moyer, Mike Mignola, David Milano, and more. Merchandise purchases help support the festival operations year round, and also lets you show pride in this awesome Lovecraftian institution, so be sure to get yourself a poster or T-shirt and let everyone know what a kick-ass event this is. Thanks!

Click here to visit the official merchandise store on Arkham Bazaar, and complete your collection!