Rue Morgue releases H. P. Lovecraft tribute issue

Rue Morgue issue 161 featuring H. P. Lovecraft

Our amazing sponsor, Rue Morgue has been the number one horror magazine for years, covering both popular horror and the independent and underground. That's what makes Rue Morgue and the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival so compatible! Their new November issue is a celebration of H. P. Lovecraft with tons of articles, art, movie reviews, and more relating to the Old Gent from Providence. It's a great issue that highlights many members of our community, including the art of Skinner, Nick "The Hat" Gucker, and Liv Rainey-Smith, with words by S. T. Joshi, Stephen Jones, Thomas Ligotti, shout outs to our own Cody Goodfellow, an article about adapting Lovecraft to film with Portland festival organizer Brian Callahan and noted film director Richard Stanley (Hardware, Mother of Toads, and the upcoming The Colour Out of Space). Get it at your newstand, bookstore, or at the Rue Morgue Web site.