Short films showing in Portland

For those lusting for more info about our programming, here's a preliminary list of the short films we'll be showing. We might still add a couple more, so stay tuned. Schedule information and feature film announcements coming during the week.

"Doctor Glamour" dir. by Andrew Jones
"The Tunnel" dir. by Ivan Radovic
"Vadim" dir. by Peter Hengl
"The Evil Clergyman" dir. by Charles Band (never before seen preview!)
"Shine" dir. by Jesse Blanchard (presented in 3D! Puppet style!)
"Cultist Co. Starter Pack" dir. by Thomas Nicol
"Bedtime for Timmy" dir. by Thomas Nicol
"Coda" dir. by Jeremy Peterson
"Curse of Yig" dir. by Paul von Stoetzel
"Fortuna" dir. by Casey Malone
"Thing in The Lake" dir. by Tim O'Connor
"A Lot of Evil" dir. by Gary Lobstein
"DumbShow" dir. by Jason Hooper
"Cell Phone Psycho" dir. by David White
"Ambidextrocity" dir. by Mike Dubisch
"Asleep in The Deep" dir. by Paul von Stoetzel
"Earth Rejects Him" dir. by Jared Skolnik
"Gamma" dir. by Jonathan Gales
"Stay At Home Dad" dir. by Andrew Kasch
"Nightgaunts" dir. by Richard Svensson
"Shadow Out of Time" dir. by Daniel Leneer
"Cthonic Doodling" dir. by Mike Dubisch
"Midnite, the stars, and Lovecraft" dir. by Reber Clark
"Space Bugs" dir. by Jesse Blanchard

Several of these filmmakers will be attending the festival, including Andrew Jones, Thomas Nicol, Jason Hooper, Jesse Blanchard, Jared Skolnik, Jeremy Peterson, Reber Clark, and Casey Malone. Most will be doing Q&As to answer your questions about their films.

Keep your eyes peeled for more schedule information, as well as news about features and special events!