Special H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival screenings at Necronomicon Providence

Join us for some very special screenings of classic and recent independent short films from the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival (1996-2013) at Necronomicon 2013 in Providence, RI, August 21-24, 2013. We'll be featuring some great oldies, like Bryan Moore's "Cool Air," with Q&A by the director (and sculptor of the H.P. Lovecraft Bronze Bust Project), Aaron Vanek's "The Outsider," and Christian Matzke's "Nyarlathotep," as well as newer favorites like Thomas Nicol's "Heartshot" and Jihyun Park's "Music of Jo Hyeja."

Screenings are open to the public for $3. The Saturday, Aug. 24 screening is also free to Necronomicon badge holders. Click here for the schedule and location information.