World Premiere of THEY REMAIN: Saturday October 7th at 7:00 pm

The World Premiere of THEY REMAIN, will take place at the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival® at 7:00PM on Saturday, October 7th, with an encore screening on Sunday, October 8th.

This highly anticipated film, written and directed by Philip Gelatt (Europa Report) and adapted from Laird Barron’s short story “-30-”, will be shown first to the festival audience on the 60ft screen of the historic Hollywood Theatre in Portland, OR. Gelatt will be in attendance to walk the red carpet, introduce the film and do Q&A afterwards, and will participate in panel discussions throughout the weekend.

“We are extremely honored to be showing this genre-bending thriller to our highly engaged audience even before it makes its theatrical run next year,” said Brian Callahan, Festival Director. “The film has already been acquired for distribution by Paladin, and the producers of THEY REMAIN know that it is a perfect fit for the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival. Laird Barron has been a guest at the festival in the past, and it’s only fitting that the feature film adaptation of his story premieres to the best audience in the world.”

THEY REMAIN defies categorization and journeys into the shadowy realm where nature, science, and the supernatural co-exist in horrific symbiosis. William Harper Jackson (“True Story”, "The Good Place") and Rebecca Henderson (“Mistress America”) star as two scientists investigating the root of environmental changes and strange animal behavior at a remote site where a Manson Family-style cult committed atrocities. The isolated location, the unraveling of their relationship, and the biome itself begin to lead them down a path of doom where primeval forces threaten to consume them. Whether you’re a fan of author Laird Barron or a fan of cosmic horror cinema, you will not want to miss this screening.

Barron's novels, short fiction, and poems have earned him a substantial readership among aficionados of fantasy, noir, horror, and sci-fi, and have twice won him the Shirley Jackson Award. Gelatt, similarly, combines multi-disciplinary experience as a graphic novelist and comic book creator for the "Indiana Jones" franchise, and for such companies as Dark Horse Comics and Oni Press, with his background as a video game writer for such companies as Crystal Dynamics and Frictional Games, and on "Rise of The Tomb Raider" (for which he won the WGA Award). With this pedigree, it is unsurprising that THEY REMAIN succeeds in splicing these various strains of pop culture DNA into a unique and imaginative cinematic hybrid.