2008 Awards!


Still recovering after the festival but want to announce the winners officially. We'll be updating the awards section once we've re-coded the awards section.

2008 Deep One Screenwriter Awards

The following screenplays were selected as best of out of a field of 54 entries. The head judges were author Robert M. Price, author Joseph S. Pulver, and festival director Andrew Migliore.

  • Jeffrey Blake Palmer’s nightmare parade “The Sleeping Deep” won first prize
  • Faisal A. Qureshi’s eerie “In Bright Darkness" won runner up

2008 Howie Awards

Both of these gentlemen have used Lovecraft's works as a springboard and have incorporated elements of it into there own works creating something new.

  • Author Brian Lumley
  • Artist Mike Mignola

2008 Brown Jenkin Awards

The following films were some of the best at this years festival. Through a combination of guest judges, audience feedback, and festival director's input the following films were nominated , with the winners indicated:

  • AM 1200 by David Prior — Best of Festival, Best Cosmic Horror Film
  • Eel Girl by Paul Campion — Best Short Film, Best Special Effects, Best Comedy
  • The Outsider by Doug Bradley — Best Dramatic Reading
  • Alien Raiders by Ben Rock — Audience Award Best Feature

Nominated for a Brown Jenkin