Forbidden Futures magazine issues

Downloadable Forbidden Futures back issues 1-7.

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FORBIDDEN FUTURES has never shied away from controversial subject matter and we tack recklessly into the riptide of controversy, trawling for taboos to smash. And if you think there’s nothing left out there that needs smashing, step into our orifice.

Blasting away every last trace of a familiar fantasy cliché, this one will remind you, as if for the first time, what weird feels like. Only in Forbidden Futures!

ISSUE 1 - (The Crypt Kid)
A full-length Crypt Kid graphic adventure by MIKE DUBISCH.
- JOHN SKIPP feeds the beast in “Skinny Minnie.”
- CHRISTINE MORGAN peeps an infernal orgy in “Diabolicus Interruptus.”
- JEFFREY THOMAS steps out for a hoedown at “The Brothel In The North End.”
- “The Past Demands A Rematch” an editorial by CODY GOODFELLOW.

ISSUE 2 (Cosmic Horror)
- JEFFREY THOMAS surveys unspeakable alternate universes in “The Probe.”
- ORRIN GREY trades in his face for a myriad of “Masks.”
- MATTHEW M. BARTLETT adopts the pick of “Sujn’s Litter.”
- TED WASHINGTON has a date with the “Harpy.”
- JOHN SHIRLEY counts the cost of seeing the world with “Slither Eyes.”
- CHRISTINE MORGAN lights a candle and cracks open the sky in “Waxen.”
- ZAK JARVIS redraws the boundaries of body horror in “Symbiot.”
- EDWARD M. ERDELAC captures a guardian angel’s last battle in “Widdershins.”
- A nightmarish act of possession looks a lot like love in JESSICA MCHUGH’S “We’ll Know The Reason When The World Parts Its Lips.”
- SCOTT R. JONES clinches the high score on Polybius in “Ready Flayer One.”
- CHRISTOPHER SLATSKY trips the dark fantastic in “They Delight In Extinction.”
- NATHAN CARSON sells your soul to “King C.”
- UNCLE KRUST’S “Guide To The Old Ones.”
- “Lovecraft Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry” an editorial by CODY GOODFELLOW.

ISSUE 3 - (Fantasy)
- JESSE BULLINGTON conjures a thamaturgical conundrum in “Too Much Wizard Business.”
- JOHN R. FULTZ crashes a barbarian banquet in “Tears Of The Elohim.”
- CHAD STROUP teaches monsters the meaning of consent in “Dragoncel.”
- NATHAN CARSON uncovers unwoke skullduggery in “Wight Knight.”
- Man, monster or god, none can withstand the axe of STEVEN L. SHREWSBURY’S “Deicide.”
- Gutter-magic and slum-spirits watch over the denizens of GARRETT COOK’S “Springwater Santa.”
- J. DAVID OSBORNE conquers conspiracy country and the secrets of the Sasquatch in “Feeding Time.”
- DON WEBB reveals the secret future history of cryptozoology in the double-header “Mowth” and “Kelpie.”
- UNCLE KRUST’S Dungeon Bastard’s Guide to Fantastic Beasts.
- “Exiled From Middle Earth: How Fantasy Failed Us” an editorial by CODY GOODFELLOW.

ISSUE 4 (All Female Action)
- “Weird Women & Other Anomalies” an editorial by LISA MORTON.
- S.P. MISKOWSKI redefines defensive driving in “M.”
- STEFANIE ELRICK goes on a vision-quest and gets down with “All That Creepeth.”
- MEHITOBEL WILSON summons all the Sea-Monkeys for “In Our Shallows, We Are Small.”
- Who dares disturb the Living Oracle? ANYA MARTIN asks the unanswerable in “Conjure, Green Goddess.”
- JESSICA MCHUGH reads the small print before buying the House of Tomorrow in “Always A Bride.”
- MOLLY TANZER reveals the secret of the cat people in “A Judgment Made Can Never Bend.”
- KATHE KOJA kicks the old-school in the jewels with “Myths And Legends.”
- ELIZABETH RAYNE unravels the eldritch origin of a mysterious mummy in “Relics.”
- AVE ROSE delves into the ultimate depths of decadence with “That Book.”
- EMMA ALICE JOHNSON gets dolled up and deadly for “A Centauress Walks Into A Battle.”
- BETTY ROCKSTEADY shows why you never call up what you can’t lay down in “When She Came, Everything Fell Apart.”
- UNCLE KRUST’S “Guide To Men.”

ISSUE 5 (Crypt Kid Returns!)
- MIKE DUBISCH’S Crypt Kid goes cosmic in a full-length graphic adventure!
- MARC LAIDLAW crushes the body-count competition in “Leaderboard.”
- JEFFREY THOMAS parses the apex of weird biology in “Feeding the Descendants.”
- UNCLE KRUST’S “Guide to Nocturnal Visitors.”
- “Make America Ghoulish Again” an editorial by CODY GOODFELLOW

ISSUE 6 (Ray Gun Fun)
- LUCIO RODRIGUEZ wheels your fortune into Jeopardy in “So You Think You Can Live.”
- CODY GOODFELLOW declares war on the Fair Folk in “The Merrow And Her Soldier.”
- MAX BOOTH III boldly goes where no laser safety tutorial has gone before in “He Blew His Load.”
- DAVID BARBEE shocks the monkey (and you) in “The Insuperable Brute Gibson.”
- TONY MCMILLEN names all the Brain-Babies in “Discontinuum.”
- RHYS HUGHES declares the cup half-full (but of what?) in “The Cosmic Goblet.”
- DAVID JAMES KEATON unearths pocket-sized, collectible doom in “I Only Saw You.”
- K.H. KOEHLER dominates and detonates in “Safeword.”
BRIAN M. SAMMONS ain’t got time to bleed in “The Hunted.”
- “The Gernsback Referendum: Send More Space Opera” an editorial by CODY GOODFELLOW.

ISSUE 7 (Sex and Violence)
- KIM VODICKA reverses the male gaze on itself, and turns you to stone in “PLASTER CASTER.”
- CRAIG L. GIDNEY sprinkles queer surrealism on a poisoned pastry of tortured romance ”(K)NAIVETY.”
- GREG BOSSERT perverts the hoary hobby-horses of sword and sorcery in “THE DAMSEL OF DESIRE”.
- BRENDAN VIDITO rewrites the DNA of body horror in “MOTHER’S MARK.”
- MICHAEL ALLEN ROSE storms Heaven and starts a hell of an orgy in “INCUBUS, SUCCUBUS, IAMBUS”.
- ED KURTZ conjures a lusty glimpse of impish perversity and shows us how smoke can be stronger than stone in “THE IMP AND THE SMOKE ANGEL.”
- JEFF STRAND out-Jeff Strands Jeff Strand, and shows exactly how not to rob a bank in “GREEN SUITS.”
- MATTHEW BARTLETT boldly finds new taboos to break and tickles hitherto undiscovered erogenous zones in the reader’s brain in “THE KINGHOLE CHRONICLES VOL. 8 INSTALLMENT 2: THE NEW KING.”
- EDWARD LEE goes to Innsmouth and makes Humanoids From The Deep look like The Little Mermaid in “THE STATEMENT OF SGT JUSTIN JESSOP OF THE INNSMOUTH POLICE DEPARTMENT.”