Short Film Block 4 w/Q&A (Special extra-wide Scope presentation!)

Main Theater
Date and time: 
Saturday, October 6, 2018 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm

This block is presented in 2K scope format (extra wide), which means your viewing experience will be spectacular! 


The Fabric

Regional Premiere
Directed by
Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen
Rudi Könke, Simone Lykke
21 mins
 | 2017
 | Denmark
 | English

In a strange, dark asylum, a brilliant physicist with no memory, sits incarcerated. One thing occupies his mind: escaping - to what or where, he has no clue. Haunted day and night, by creatures that roam the halls - or his imagination, he scribbles equations on every surface of his his cell. Not knowing whether he is insane, or on to something truly groundbreaking, every combination of symbols etched onto the walls might be the key to his escape, or just his madness laughing back at him. One day he has a breakthrough…



US Premiere
Directed by
Lucie Gukkertová
Martin Hudec, Michaela Dolinová, Joel Sidon, Riwaa Nerona, Jared Doreck
16 mins
 | 2018
 | Czech Republic
 | Czech
 w/English subtitles

Based on the H. P. Lovecraft story in verse. A tragedy strikes the family of widow Svetlana and her two sons, Jan and Maxmilián. The villagers believe that the hated nobles surrounded by myths and superstitions - Madam and Sir De Blois - are responsible for it.


Young Liars

Directed by
Adam Christy
Brendan McGowan, Alissa Filoramo, Adam Christy
20 mins
 | 2018
 | United States
 | English

In hopes of breaking a lucrative story, a young journalist tests out an experimental psychic technology only to find himself trapped inside someone else's nightmare.



World Premiere
Directed by
Josh Carley
Luke Edwards, Laura Cayouette, Melissa Saint-Amand
11 mins
 | 2018
 | United States
 | English

Henry Mathis, a blogger, interviews Jodi Brooks about her transcendental experiences involving her husband, his dreams, and their deceased daughter.

H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival - Portland, OR