Panel: Herbert West as Cultural Icon

Panel Discussion
Date and time: 
Friday, October 2, 2020 - 10:00am

For sixty years Herbert West lingered as a minor character in a minor story overshadowed by Lovecraft's more cosmic creations. That all changed in 1985 with the release of Stuart Gordon's Re-Animator. Since then Herbert West has become an icon comparable to Freddy Kruger, Michael Meyers, and Jason Voorhees spawning competing films, comic books, novels, short stories, and even a pitch for a TV series. What are the origins of this iconic character and how has he been fantastically and macabrely transformed over the years.

with Pete Rawlik, Kelly Young, Christine Morgan, Molly Tanzer, Ken Hite.

Peter Rawlik is a prolific author of Lovecraftian Fiction including the novels Reanimators and The Weird Company. His fiction often focuses on characters and events forgotten by Lovecraft and his successors. His latest novel is the Lovecraftian noir Reanimatrix, which tells the story of both Robert Peaslee and Megan Halsey, the second generation of Lovecraftian Heroes.

K.L. Young is a writer and the Editor of Strange Aeons Magazine. He is also the screenwriter of several short and feature films.

Molly Tanzer is the author of the weird western Vermilion (Word Horde, 2015) and the forthcoming historical novel The Pleasure Merchant (Lazy Fascist, 2015). Her debut collection, the Lovecraftian mosaic novel A Pretty Mouth, was nominated Sydney J. Bounds and Wonderland Book Award.

Christine Morgan works the overnight shift in a psychiatric facility, which plays havoc with her sleep schedule but allows her a lot of writing time. A lifelong reader, she also reviews, beta-reads, occasionally edits and dabbles in self-publishing. Her other interests include gaming, history, superheroes, crafts, cheesy disaster movies and training to be a crazy cat lady.

Kenneth Hite has designed, written, or co-authored over 80 roleplaying games and supplements, including GURPS Horror, The Day After Ragnarok, Trail of Cthulhu, Bookhounds of London, Qelong, The Dracula Dossier, The Delta Green RPG and Night’s Black Agents. Outside gaming, his works include Tour de Lovecraft: the TalesCthulhu 101, The Nazi Occult and The Cthulhu Wars&