Adapting Lovecraft to Film - Spotlight on the films of Stuart Gordon

Panel Discussion
EOD Center
Date and time: 
Friday, October 7, 2016 -
8:30pm to 9:30pm

Based on the works of Stuart Gordon: Of all the feature films based on Lovecraft’s work, few match the films of Stuart Gordon. Liberties are taken with the original stories, but Gordon adapts Lovecraft’s work with a surprising faithfulness, before adding in a few bits of his own. This panel will discuss how Gordon followed the basic outlines of The Re-Animator stories, From Beyond and Dreams in the Witch House to keep his adaptations true to the original work, while updating them for (or to assault) modern sensibilities. Migliore (M), Branney, Bullington, Gordon, Shirley, Stout


Film still from Re-Animator.

Andrew John Migliore (born 1966 in Washington D.C., United States) is the founder and original director of the annual H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland Oregon. Andrew is the co-author of Lurker in the Lobby: The Guide to the Cinema of H. P. Lovecraft published by Night Shade Books and was founder and producer at Lurker Films where he launched The H. P. Lovecraft CollectionThe Weird Tale Collection, and The Edgar Allan Poe Collection on DVD.

Sean is a producer, actor, director and writer with the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society which he runs with his nefarious colleague, Andrew Leman. He was intimately involved in the creation of the motion pictures The Call of Cthulhu and The Whisperer in Darkness, nineteen episodes of Dark Adventure Radio Theatre, and many other Lovecraftian projects. With his work at the HPLHS, he's created many other Lovecraftian entertainments. Sean also produces and directs live theatre in Los Angeles. He plays ice hockey and has four chinchillas.

Jesse Bullington wears the influence of the Gentleman from Providence on the pages of his three weird historical novels: The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart, The Enterprise of Death, and The Folly of the World. Under the pen name Alex Marshall he is writing the Crimson Empire trilogy, which mixes epic fantasy with cosmic horror and gallows humor—the first volume, A Crown for Cold Silver, made the Tiptree Award Honor List, and the second, A Blade of Black Steel, dropped in May.

In 1985, winning the Critics’ Award at the Cannes Film Festival, Stuart Gordon surprised audiences with his first feature film RE-ANIMATOR based on stories by H.P. Lovecraft. With its stunning box office success, RE-ANIMATOR became the first of a series of Lovecraft inspired films utilizing screenplays by longtime writing partner Dennis Paoli. They include: FROM BEYOND (1986), CASTLE FREAK, based on “The Outsider” (1994), DAGON (2001) and DREAMS IN THE WITCH HOUSE (2005) which was produced for THE MASTERS OF HORROR television series.

John Shirley is an author, screenwriter, television writer, comics writer, singer, and songwriter. He is the author of more than forty novels and eight story collections. He won the Bram Stoker Award for the horror collection Black Butterflies: A Flock on the Dark Side. His novels include DEMONS, CELLARS, IN DARKNESS WAITING, CRAWLERS, BLEAK HISTORY, A SONG CALLED YOUTH, and CITY COME A-WALKIN'. He wrote the first four drafts of the screenplay for the movie THE CROW, and is co-writer with David Schow.

William Stout was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on the way to Los Angeles in 1949. At seventeen he won a full California State Scholarship to the Chouinard Art Institute (California Institute of the Arts) where he obtained his Bachelor's Degree. He began his professional career in 1968 with the cover for the first issue of Coven 13.