The Haunted Paintbrush

Panel Discussion
EOD Center
Date and time: 
Friday, October 7, 2016 -
7:00pm to 8:00pm

Artists discuss the sources and styles that influence their work, whether it be representation or scenes from HPL stories, or just inspired by cosmic horror. Moyer (M), Carlucci, Dubisch, Denham, Rainey-Smith, Stout, Walls.


Art shown here is by Mike Dubisch "The Cthulhuanoid." ©Mike Dubisch, all rights reserved.

Lee Moyer blends classic painting, pop culture, and naturalist illustration - mixing intensity with impish humor.

John Donald Carlucci is illustrator and painter strongly influenced by artists such as Mike Mignola, Gerald Brom, Chris Bachalo. Darren Yeow, and Batt Dixon. His recent clients include Hollywood reporter Nikki Finke’s Hollywood Dementia, 20th Century Fox - Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, Strange Aeons Magazine, LoveCraft Wines, and The H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival. JDC is seeking to improve his artwork and technique every day. His only desire is to get better and better.

Mike Dubisch has been bringing a Lovecraftian twist to his fantasy art, illustration and comics for a quarter century, beginning in his mid teens. The versatile artist has created Star Wars and Dungeons and Dragons toys, animated DVD covers for the World Wrestling Federation, designs for animated movies, and characters for MTV. His work is held in the permanent collection of The Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art. His Lovecraftian Graphic Novel WEIRDLING was published in 2007 to critical acclaim.

Born in Portland Oregon, Shelby has spent most of her life in the North West. Her first professional job was right out of film school with a local film maker, illustrating a card game. From there, she's been illustrating for various magazines and websites. Including Strange Aeons Magazine and Monster Kid Radio. After several conventions over a few years, Shelby picked up her things and moved to Orlando to work as a show artist for Disney. While she may be paid to draw various Disney characters, she still draws Lovecraftian things on the side.

Liv Rainey-Smith was introduced to the art of printmaking at Oregon College of Art and Craft where she received her BFA in 2008. Since graduation, she has worked full time as a xylographic printmaker in Portland, Oregon. In 2013 she took the business name Xylographilia, which translates as “Love of Woodcut,” to reflect her passion for the art form. She is inspired by early European prints, folklore, fiction, and the natural world. In addition to her self-directed work, Rainey-Smith enjoys collaborating with writers and publishers.

William Stout was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on the way to Los Angeles in 1949. At seventeen he won a full California State Scholarship to the Chouinard Art Institute (California Institute of the Arts) where he obtained his Bachelor's Degree. He began his professional career in 1968 with the cover for the first issue of Coven 13.

Frank Walls is an artist and sculptor that has worked in the book and board game publishing industries for over 10 years. During this time he has created numerous illustrations for and designs for games like Talisman, Dungeons & Dragons, and Game of Thrones, as well as covers for Jeffrey Thomas, Jeff Strand, Shane McKenzie, and many others. He has tried to do nice art that matches people’s couches, but this just upsets him and causes him to create even weirder art. After years of doing solely digital art he has recently re-discovered the paint brush and that colored stuff in tubes.