Official Pre-Party at the Lovecraft Bar

Date and time: 
Thursday, October 1, 2015 -
7:30pm to 10:00pm

Come out to Portland's very own Lovecraft/horror themed bar to celebrate the beginning of the 20th annual H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival and CthulhuCon! 

Co-hosting the party is Deadite Press, local Portland publisher of extreme and weirdo horror. Deadite Press will be celebrating the release of Garrett Cook's new novel, A GOD OF HUNGRY WALLS.

The Lovecraft Bar
421 NE Grand Ave
Portland, OR
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
FREE! (must be 21+)

The evening will feature performances, readings, and entertainment from:

  • Garrett Cook: Wonderland Award Winning author of You Might Just Make It Out of This Alive and A God of Hungry Walls.
  • Jeff Burk: Head editor of Deadite Press and the cult author of Shatnerquake and Cripple Wolf.
  • Danger Slater: Author of Dangerama, Stranger Danger and an upcoming book from Fungasm Press.
  • Jess Gulbranson: Buddhist priest, ghost hunter, author of Antipaladin Blues.
  • Ilana Hamilton: Professional storyteller.
  • Vince Kramer: Author of Gigantic Death Worm and Death Machines of Death.

After the event, stay for Shadowplay, the Lovecraft Bar's weekly free dark music and dance night!

JEFF BURK is the cult favorite author of SHATNERQUAKE, SUPER GIANT MONSTER TIME, CRIPPLE WOLF, and SHATNERQUEST. Like the literary equivalent to a cult B-Horror movie, Burk writes violent, absurd, and funny stories about punks, monsters, gore, and trash culture. Everyone normally dies at the end. He is also the the Head Editor of ERASERHEAD PRESS’ horror imprint, DEADITE PRESS and the host of the JEFF ATTACKS podcast. Born in the Pennsylvania backwoods, he was raised on a steady diet of Godzilla, Star Trek, and EC Comics. He now resides in Portland, Oregon.

Garrett Cook is an author with Deadite Press and an editor with Eraserhead Press. His work has appeared in A Breath from the Sky, DOA III, Giallo Fantastique, Best Bizarro Fiction of the Decade and more. His next book Crisis Boy comes out October 15th.

Jess Gulbranson is an author, artist, critic, and composer. At his most recent appearance at The Hour That Stretches, he and coauthor Garrett Cook had an audience feed their mana to an egregore called "Tony Shrapnel". Current projects include children's books, a grimoire, and the unofficial Dark Souls manga. He lives in Portland with his wife and daughters.